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Patina On Leathergoods
Patina On Leathergoods

Patina is a process of discoloration on leather goods, leather goods which will change color to become darker over time, the patina will be seen more clearly in leather goods materials using vegetable tanned leather.

Patina is not a negative thing, but art of product leather goods, leather goods patina on a slightly different, depending on the care and treat the leather goods.

Patina on a leather goods shows the character of the wearer,
What things will make the process faster patina?

1. Sun tanning.
To get the patina process faster can use the sun, the way is first leather goods basting with oil-based polish, and then save it in the sun for 30 minutes, not too long so that the skin does not dry
2. Daily used
daily use will produce patina on a leather goods, leather goods interaction with grease, sweat, water, and many other factors that favor the occurrence of patina
3. polish
leather goods polishing process with oil-based polish, do at least 1 week so you do not leather goods dry / damaged, examples of oil-based polish product, mink oil and Neatsfoot oil

How to clean your brass on belt buckle ( with BRASSO )
How to clean your brass on belt buckle ( with BRASSO )

 Apply Brasso to a soft clean cloth and buff into the surface of the brass. Once your whole pieces is covered, use a new clean cloth to remove the remaining cleaner and buff to a shine. The Brasso was able to lighten the overall color of the brass, get at the heaviest areas of buildup, and restore more shine to the piece as well.