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A medicine bag is usually a small pouch, worn by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas, that contains sacred items. A personal medicine bag may contain objects that symbolize emotional well-being and tribal identity. Traditionally, medicine bags are worn under clothing. Their contents are private, and often of a personal and religious nature. 

We made this particular medicine bag for this modern times, used to stash handphones, wallets and every little things that goes along with this bag. The modern style that's combined with little, but rich in details accents in the process of making one
- Pull Up Leather
- Vegetable Tanned (accent)
- Hand-stitched Construction
- Burnished edge
- Laurel Leaf Button by YKK Japan
- Medicine Bag
- Artistic Accents
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed
- 19cm Length x 15cm Width x 4cm Thickness
- 140cm Maximum Sling Length (adjustable)