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The Himalaya Horseshoe Belt is a belt with our first signature buckle, a buckle that we have developed and worked on by local artisans with the material of brass, with a design that resembles a horseshoe making this belt look rugged, buckle measuring 5.5 cm X 5 cm very well matched with a belt strap measuring 4 cm, for the leather we use we use Brazilian vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of 4mm-4.5mm. At the same time, the colour choices available are natural and black and no less attractive we give the freedom to choose the colour you want (custom).

- brazilian vegetable tanned leather
- solid brass buckle
- solid brass screw


- edge burnished
- "S.Y.H GOODS" typograph debossed
- 5 teardrop holes
- dimension 40mm x depends size
- 4 mm- 4,5 mmthickness


our belt size use true size of your pants, if your pants size is 30 then you must buy your belt with size 30

(please measure a belt that fits you and compare with measurements above. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email: info@syhgoods.com)

if you need a special design or color please contact us via emai info@syhgoods.com