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Himalaya V Black

Although we offer our products in different colours, if you are looking for the most drastic patina, go with the natural. The natural is a blank canvas, no dyes, just the natural tanning process from the tannery.

A new technique for burnishing the edge, they are taking time to make result like this, needed passion, patience, accuracy and high craftsmanship. Solid brass buckle and solid brass flat screw have guaranteed durability, they are not corrosion, and the colour will not fade, but they will make the patina colour.

- vegetable tanned leather
- hand dyed
- solid brass buckle
- solid brass flat screw

- edge burnished
- S.Y.H logo debossed
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed
- 5 teardrop holes
- dimension 3.8 cm X depends size
- thickness 4.5 

Our belt size use true size of your pants, if your pants size is 30 then you must buy your belt with size 30