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We are making something related to a modern lifestyle, but we are not eliminating a traditional value from craftsmanship.

The Mihara Waist bag, fully handmade from the sewing and cutting process. Maybe you already know how strong the handstitched construction is. The hardware we use is quality hardware, such as zippers. We use YKK, rivets, solid copper rivet burrs, and solid brass buckle.

For a proper size design for a 29cm x 16cm x 6cm waist bag, with this size, you can carry your essential items, such as phones, wallets, and even mineral water bottles.

We use a special technique to produce a unique stitch pattern for the stitches. It is equipped with two zipper access in the front compartment, making it very easy for you to access your belongings in the main compartment. The back is also equipped with a compartment that can stash your small items.

The strap measuring 100 cm, which can be adjusted according to your comfort, is equipped with a solid brass buckle that makes it easy for you to adjust the strap.


- Vegetable Tanned (2,3mm)
- Hand-stitched Construction
- Burnished edge
- Solid Brass Buckle
- Solid Copper Rivet Burrs
- YKK Zipper


- Waist bag
- 2 compartment

- SYH LOGO Debossed
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed
- 29cm Length x 16cm Width x 6cm
- 100cm Maximum Sling Length (adjustable)