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Signat V made from Hand-Glazed of Italian Vegetable Tanned leather is simply leather that has been burnished or polished to make it appear shiny. After smoothing, the leather's surface seems to have a glossy finish. The amount of pressure applied while burnishing the leather's surface determines the final look of the leather. The number of strokes combined with controlled pressure can create high-quality colour tones and a high gloss-type finish, all a matter of the tools we have on hand.


Material Description:

- Hand Glazed Italian Vegetable Tanned
- COATS Star Nylon thread
- Hand-stitched Construction
- Burnished edge
- Zipper by YKK Japan (coin purse)
- Brass Snap Fasteners by YKK Japan
- Leather Lining on Interior

- Medium wallet
- Artistic Accents (exterior)
- 6 strand leather lanyard braided (free)
- 4 card slot (left)
- 1 Money Slot
- 2 hidden pocket
- 1 slot accent on zipper slot (right)
- Coin Purse
- S.Y.H logo debossed
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed


9 cm Width x 15 cm Length x 1.8cm thickness when folded