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Leather also has the same pores as human skin. They require special care. Untreated leather will dry out, causing the leather surface to crack. Ideally, for leather goods with proper use, it usually requires

routine maintenance, with a vulnerable time once every four months, not too often, so that your leather

goods are not overtreatment. The indicator that your leather goods need treatment is usually visible

fine lines with a lighter color on the leather surface.

SYH Leather Balm is made from natural ingredients such as BEESWAX and several blends of PLANT OIL.


Serves as a protector of the leather from splashes of water (water repellent) and dust so that it does not 

enter the leather pores so that the leather has a clean patina


It serves to moisturize the surface of the leather so it doesn’t dry out and cracks.

it contains 100% natural materials

it will not irritate your skin and does not cause any known allergies

NETO 100g