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TOKACHI III Handwoven Natural Indigo Wabash Patterns

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The TOKACHI III  Handwoven Natural Indigo Wabash Patterns Wallet is a new take on the classic bifold wallet style. Functions just like a traditional bifold, with 6 slots for cards, 1 hidden pocket,coin purse and one large cash slot, This TOKACHI III  Handwoven Natural Indigo Wabash Patterns Wallet is constructed from Vegetable Tanned leather and features a Handwoven Natural Indigo Wabash Patterns. The leather will build a beautiful patina with time and the fabric will continue to fade with use just like your favorite pair of jeans. Material

- Vegetable Tanned Leather
- Handwoven Natural Indigo Wabash Patterns
- COATS Star Nylon thread
- Hand-stitched Construction
- Burnished edge
- Antique Brass Blank Concho
- Zipper by YKK Japan (coin purse)
- Solid Brass D Ring Swivel Head Rivet Back
- Brass Snap Hook

- Short bifold wallet
- 6 cards slot
- 2 hidden pocket
- Money Slot
_ 6 strand leather lanyard braided (free)
- S.Y.H logo debossed
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed
- Coin Purse
- dimension 9,5 cm X 11,5 cm (folded)
- 1,7 cm thickness (folded)