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Precious products can be found in the value of the process in it. The Yari Long Wallet is made with traditional craftsmanship, starting from the cutting process, sewing, and last but not least the finising process. 


We always explore more and more in craftsmanship things. This time, we produce an accent which has a black hand dyed vegetable leather with a hand set of studs that makes a flower pattern with the addition of brass rivets in the center of it.


The long wallet design, with a slight curve shape at the edges, gives a vintage's impression. And black leather accents that have been decorated by stud brass and antique colors make it looks more luxurious.


This wallet is perfect for you , a classic motorbike lovers.  with a thickness of 3 cm when floded causes this wallet feels sturdy. It is also equipped with a brass swivel ring that allows you to attach a chain wallet.



Material Description:

- Vegetable Tanned 
- COATS Star Nylon thread
- Leather Lining on Interior
- Hand-stitched Construction
- Burnished edge
- Solid brass swivel ring
- Zipper by YKK Japan (coin purse)

- Long Wallet
- Studded Accents (exterior)
- 8 card slot 
- 2 Money Slot
- 1 hidden pocket
- S.Y.H logo debossed
- "SHOW YOUR HEM" typograph debossed


10 cm Width x 20 cm Length x 3 cm thickness when folded