Hello bro! I’ve just come from a post office and ‘ve already unpacked my parcel. At last) The belt and the cardholder are amazing! Thank you so much for the keyring! I will make some photos and send them to you soon

- krasava_vovan

Working day

- crossfadedenim

Wow wow wow Looking badass!

- Dzedi

A fine piece a craftsmanship your wallet!


Wau- Received my belt and wanted to let you know how much I like it. The craftsmanship is superb.

- @coastal_file

Hi bro
I hope you’re fine 
Some pics of my black belt 
So glad to see how she is getting hold

- motorbike_and_rugged_clothes
Adrian Compton

I got the belts, they're perfect  

- Adrian Compton
Mark E Maynard

This stuff is absolutely the best! In every aspect! Value Quality and Customer Service!!! Keep it up Brothers!!! Thanks for the dedication!!!

- Mark E Maynard